Feb 17, 2012

New Urbanism is quite old

By- Anoop Jha

New Urbanism is the phenomenon of urban awareness and urban restructuring in the 1980s, originated in US and further replicated throughout the world. It was primarily based on holistic concepts of urbanism like Walkable neighborhoods, Landuse restructuring etc. etc.

It’s high time that architects, planners and urban designers should pause for a moment and question themselves that whatever work they are doing since quite some time, is it something new or is it just inertia of decades old “New Urbanism”? Is it “New Urbanism” which current urban era  demands or something else, something new, relevant and refreshing? Isn’t it that New urbanism is quite old a theory now, might be relevant only in few pockets of worlds? 

Urban Planning and Design has to reinvent itself from time to time. This whole idea of time span and speculating direction of urban growth is vague and misleading.  We should be little skeptical about guiding our future urban development plans based on quarter century old theories. 
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