Oct 2, 2016

In 2095 when everyone in this world will be prosperous enough they will realise money wasn't the cure mankind was looking for.

So whats this pursuit today for?

We have vision and plans for cities, organisations and society for another 30, 50 and 60 odd years and we are bullish and content about that, but that's still myopic considering its been thousands of years since we emerged as human from monkey and we are yet capable of seeing just this deep into the future. Mankind's wit, confidence and reliability of calculations can only be judged with this fact that while most of us know what happened 300 years ago in world event, almost none of us know neither care to know who were our forefathers 300 years ago down the family tree. So our judgement, planning and projections are just limited to more or less couple of decades beyond today since only that's how far we are able to gaze and comprehend thinking that's what we will be able to control and we keep planning and improving our and world's living standards.

All this socioeconomic efforts currently points and culminates towards single point solution and agenda - "Money", as we think money is the only ultimate cure and panacea for human misery. So consider a hypothetical future year when everyone in this world will have enough money to get a good and convenient life, then what? Will we simply keep improving lifestyle and comfort of mankind to say we are evolving and in business as usual we might evolve and mutate into something biologically like we became human from monkey. Is that all? Its hard to accept that purpose of human life is just to strive and adjust to better lifestyle, better food and better comfort, Is that what we are targeting and moving towards or is it a futile chase. Can we give our kids a better larger purpose to target and approximate than spoon feeding them to simply accumulate wealth throughout life and perish. Does anyone see convergence and culmination of future social planning and spiritualism for instance?  Does anyone think about satisfying poor man's intellectual hunger or our thoughts are only limited to giving him a piece of bread thinking we have done our bit? 
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