Jan 17, 2012

Why city forms are like the way they are?

By - Anoop Jha

Inspecting reasons of changing development patterns from core city to contemporary development.
Morphological Differences in old & new development
While issue of changing city morphology across time is being discussed its imperative to ask what difference does a time span induces which alters the physiology and psychology of urban development?

After analyzing several old and new city developments patterns, some catalysts which emerge as possible reasons of change since Old Town to New City Era can be as follows - 

Rise of Multi-nuclei development
Multiple developer entities
Multiple governing agencies
Rapid mass housing requirement
Stringent Fire Norms
Increased Building Height
New construction materials & technologies
Changed mode of private & public transportation
Landuse classification restructuring

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Utility distribution requirement
Landscape requirements and norms
New active climate control tools for buildings
Easy exposure to international benchmarks
Increased requirements of privacy
Changed Living style and  social interaction  pattern
New trend of concept based development
Targeted development to please stakeholders
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