Jan 17, 2012

Feeling pressed against time for getting products or services of daily use?

By – Anoop Jha

You need a better landuse plan and new typology of neighborhood hubs

Specialized service and commercial hubs have advantage in case of volume trade and optimized choices with better shopping and services experience due to many options available to choose from while mixed Landuse development has advantage of convenience shopping and saved time.  Taking time off to visit a specialized market hub to get a small product or service of daily use which you cannot get in neighborhood shop due to its little specialized nature might be stressful for many, due to lack of time in busy city life.

There are two distinct categories of people in city one who will go anywhere and to any extent to save a single penny on any product or service, these are the people apart from wholesale marketers who go to specialized hubs so that they can negotiate on product or service pricing due to available market competition in such hubs, other kind of people are those who are ready to pay any amount in lieu of convenience and due to shear lack of time and motivation as long as price is in the acceptable limit and surprisingly it has nothing to do with laziness, it’s just because they don’t have enough time from their packed daily routine, it’s simply not worth sending time to go to some specialized market like electronic or electrical market or hub of mechanical goods or big car service hub located far away from your home just to buy a new exhaust fan for your kitchen or a new tap knob, or to get a minor repair work of your car’s fm radio set done.

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The number of second type of people who value convenience over pricing in City is exponentially growing. There is an urgent need to consider requirements of this segment of people in Landuse planning; it has become necessity of time. They need to create small integrated specialized product and service hubs in neighborhood where one can go and buy variety of products and services in one place, products and services which are little specialized in nature and which you don’t generally get in neighborhood shopping centre or mall. An electrician or plumber provided to you by resident welfare association (RWA) of your society is of no good unless you have required basic electrical or plumbing products at hand which need  to be replaced.

How about creating a small “integrated specialized product and service hub” in every neighborhood of city which keeps all the basic household and daily use items similar to convenient shopping and those items which are specialized in nature like medicine and first aid materials, emergency products and tools, electrical and mechanical goods, and in term of manpower it can comprise of at least one doctor, one counselor, one security personal, one pet care specialist, one electrician, one plumber, one car and bike mechanic etc. etc.

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