Nov 15, 2011

Containerized office buildings – how we have accepted it as a part of daily life!!

By - Anoop Jha

Actual Mechanical Ambiance Vs Desired Holistic Environment

Majority of contemporary so called modern office buildings and towers where people as employees spend almost half of their life lack a healthy ambiance, environment and micro-climate, though it might have cleared all the statutory requirements, might have followed all the guidelines, might have amazing interior finishes, decorated with beautiful and almost real plastic plants.

Some signs that you are working in a Containerized Office 

Shear ignorance to natural light and view,
Sole dependence on Artificial lighting,
Absolute absence of task lighting concept,
Light glare and  shadow,
No correlation with time of the day 
Same ambiance every working-day/hour 

Climate control
No consideration for individual's temperature requirement
extra hot and cold pockets distributed over floor-space,
No correlation with indoor-outdoor weather

Other interesting Traits
Being watched for work-productivity in the name of security
Feeling isolated from outer world

There is urgent need to analyse and assess the existing office complexes across the region on different qualitative and quantitative parameters and come up with an exhaustive list of recommendations  can further be consolidated in a set of mandatory Architectural guidelines.

Some Recommendations to design a holistically habitable office complexes-

Breathing building skin and building envelop (Ideally like Human Skin)
Visually connected to outside world (gives pleasant view, correlate to weather or at least gives sense of time)
Day light linking (Saves energy as well) 
Task lighting as per sitting arrangement / furniture layout (prevents Light Glare and Shadow, and gives a sense of personal space) 
Accessible pleasant weather (let the pleasant light breeze come in, let them touch and hear the falling raindrops) 
Sensible Cooling & Heating with ability to personalize (increased productivity, less medical leaves)

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