Oct 27, 2013

Decoding secrets of good visuals - What makes some images and photographs stand out from the crowd

Some tips, tricks and subjects of images, graphics and photographs which is bound to cast a spell

1)     B&W background subject with semi-transparent bright techno/pop color in      foreground
2)     Picture with range of depth and focus
3)     Green appeal in innovative way
4)     Lush rainy/moist green landscape in terra incognita
5)     Realistic corporate affair capturing the mood of subject and vibes of business  minus ( - ) plastic smiles
6)     Simple things in perspective view
7)     Pattern or geometry unseen before
8)     A well framed shot of pets or wildlife with serious engaging looks
9)     Capturing Interactive and playful pets
10)  Green appeal in innovative way
11)  Bird’s eye view of Rooftop innovation
12)  Well framed commercial subject
13)  Black & Yellow Composition
14)  A well framed worm’s eye view of skyscraper or anything towering
15)  Caves or any undulating interior, lit with bright morning sun displaying    excellent interplay of light and shadow
16)  Translucent colored containers

17)  Hand drawn-water color effect in this era of 3D Simulation
18)  Morning sun rays filtered through simply anything
19)  Innumerable colorful interplay of sunlight and cloud at dawn, dusk further  accentuated if captured in hills
20)  Laughing giggling girls
21)  Asymmetrically captured frame of symmetrical building or symmetrical  something
22)  Translucent building glowing from inside - filtered hint of colors further acts  as charm
23)  White doodle on black background, call it old school blackboard nostalgia or  whatever!
24)  Futuristic ambiance and setting seemingly within reach in near future, not  just another fancy unreachable idiosyncrasy
25)  Anything overwhelmingly luxurious and classic specially interiors

More to come….

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