Jan 16, 2012

What is common between Ahmedabad and Paris?

By - Anoop Jha

Quite apparent similarity in transport network at places !!!  

Transport network of any city tells story of its evolution. 

Similar City Transit Fabric 

First - Road junction near Saint Lazara Terminal, Paris, France
Second - Mithakhali 6 Rasta. Ahmedabad, India

City evolves in course of time; there are many factors which shape the form and fabric of city, it can be climate or natural physiological constraints, or economy of city or prevalent transit mode, or land constraint etc. though there are vast difference in the built form of city of Paris and Ahmadabad there great similarity in the city fabric in terms of transit network, which is more apparent in terms of “road junctions” where many road arteries are radiating from the junctions as high as 6 to 8 across the city, possibly it is due to common circular and radiating overall form of city with a river dissecting it from the middle in both the cases, which makes it difficult to plan city in grid iron pattern. 
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