Jan 14, 2012

Induced Eureka moments

By - Anoop Jha

Using knowledge to validate the creativity

If you are one of those creative souls like writers, director, fashion or product designers, architects, interior designers or planners, you must have, at random times experienced those intentional or uninvited eureka moments of creativity when you think you have cracked the code. In that moment you are absolutely sure what you are up to and sure about where you are going.  One might think it’s just a matter of chance, a coincident. Think again, it might be subconscious mind working unconsciously on the project you got last fortnight but couldn’t get time to sit and draft a blueprint. It might be your active eyes looking for inspiration into the hidden recesses of surrounding or on the bright facades’ of city streets, without you noticing it and it suddenly manifests itself in form of idea or solution which you were looking for.

Apparently it’s possible to increase the frequency of occurrence of those creative eureka moments by remaining consciously vigilant to surrounding environment while identifying existing problems and possible solutions and getting inspired by the dynamics of environment at the same time.

One can increase the probability of finding right solution by conscious and frequent encounter with ever increasing and freely available creative resources like online data repository. The more you explore more you become confident about what you are aiming for and at the same time you open the door for creativity surge. You got to find out and see every existing or proposed green skyscraper and sustainable development project first, if you are set to create a green architectural or planning masterpiece for example.  
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