Dec 22, 2011

Terrace Garden on Every Roof !!

Did they say their city is green? Don’t believe them unless you see that green yourself. Seeing is believing! Common man does not understand the intricacy of complex statistics that is produced to position a city as a “Green City”. 

Lay men do not understand the matrix, criteria and assumptions that goes into judging a city on environmental benchmark. They don’t know and even don’t care how much eco friendly materials has been used in construction of their skyscraper office building, they also don’t care whether hot water supply in their luxurious bathroom of a high star grade hotel is from solar water heater or conventional power heater, star rating of their home appliances have only become a thing to be shown off. Green criteria of common urban dwellers are very simple in nature, if they been able to breathe fresh air, if they see lush green surrounding their home and their streets, from the window of their workplace, if their children can run and play in sprawling green fields, if their children know what it is called an ecosystem from their own living experience in city not learned from the text books, if they look above in the sky and see glittering bright stars on a clear night and if they look down below into a satellite imagery and see City as Green patch of land then they should definitely approve that city is green.

Urban Landscape planning with green building concept of Terrace Garden
Series of Terrace Garden in a City
Let’s start with our own home or apartments, wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to enjoy a garden of your own which you can’t afford in your front lawn because you have to park 2 to 3 cars  there, larger the lawn larger the car and larger the paved area.  Community park of your housing society you anyway don’t want to use after long working and  travel hours, you lake time and energy, also you don’t feel motivated enough to use community or public park unless a doctor has gives you a good dose of advice recently.

How about climbing few steps in your own villa or taking a lift from your own apartment floor which leads to terrace where you would have found a lush green terrace garden where you would have done your daily meditation or Yoga and exercise while breathing in fresh air, spending quality time with family, only if they would have planned it properly as an approachable and inviting terrace garden, which is currently either not used at all or used as storage of discarded household stuffs in the midst of complexity of installed utilities and storage. So why not make terrace garden on every roof of the city. If governments across the cities shall make it either mandatory to have a terrace garden in every building with certain assistance or if incentivize this feature for being integrated in the architecture of building, that would be a great leap forward towards sustainable and greener urban future.   

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