Dec 21, 2011

Artificial Sonic Urban Environment to break the monotony of City!

By - Anoop Jha

Talking city - With endless possibilities

Even in the big vibrant city you live, you go through the same old repeated pattern of daily activities in an outdoor urban environment, same street, same mode, same people, same noise, and same monotony of everyday that a city presents in spite of all its somewhat varying activities. To break the monotony of city some dynamic and catalytic surprise element need to be introduced into the functional and ambient system of city. Let’s take “artificial sonic environment” as that surprise element; it has some inherent characteristics which makes it one of the best possible and commercially viable solutions to be an experimental tool to create rich user experience in the city.

Imagine you are waiting at a bus stop to catch the bus to your office like any other working day and suddenly you are greeted by a pleasant light sound of the flute blended with some hilly region tune, emerging from the background which enveloping the ambient environment of that particular bus stop and subsequently every passenger leaving that bus stop with pleasant memory and a bright smile. What a pleasant start of the day.

Imagine a situation where you reached a busy local fruit and vegetable market to buy stuffs. While you are busy negotiating the price with vendor you suddenly pay attention to the light sound of morning chorus of birds and munching buffalos or roaming heard of cows blended with sweet ethnic rural song which is again emerging from background speakers concealed at strategic public urban spaces which encloses the local market. This particular buying experience would be so different and pleasant than any other day that next time you would be inevitably encouraged to walk down the street from your home to re-live that similar experience, only to find out more sonic surprises in terms of changing songs and tunes, listening to morning news right into the middle of vegetable market, you can even listen to your favorite songs and tunes or can dedicate it to whole market or to the entire population of public plaza or square or even to entire city from right there and then through city level network of speakers and stereos installed by governing authorities by paying a token amount which goes into the expansion and maintenance of the sonic infrastructure of city itself and collectively becomes an additional source of income to municipal authorities. Sounds Good, isn’t it??

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