Dec 9, 2011

Multidisciplinary approach towards Urban and regional planning

By - Anoop Jha

Planning is an inclusive profession

Planning is a versatile and rich field.. Planning in a broader sense includes making plan for day to day activities to city and country planning and even to strategic plans for cross boundary political and trade relationship. Existence of planning as a development tool, both physical and strategic, can be traced back to the dawn of early civilizations. Urban and regional planning is a niche in this wider portfolio of planning process which has evolved through time and nurtured from the strategic experiences of mankind throughout historical evolution, so planning as a profession includes virtually every aspect of life and experience, has tenacity to learn from other disciplines, other fields of profession and from different sectors. It plays a crucial role in creating holistic environment for masses.  

Question is what we can learn from other disciplines and experiences of others. There are not only innumerous experience to be shared and lessons to be learns from other disciplines but also a better strategy can emerge from the amalgamation of different sectoral experiences, called multidisciplinary planning approach.

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