Jul 29, 2014

An autonomous "data system" inspired by "life system" would look something like this-

Only if you could read between the megabytes!

We are probably living in the best times of history when it comes to freedom of knowledge. In very near future a storm of data is going to overtake individual supremacy and idiosyncrasies and going to demolish hard earned monopoly of handful of experts. Knowledge in form of data was never in such an abundance and never so easily accessible. Lets make use of it in best way possible.

- Has to be replicable  
- Has to be a Non
- Linear System  
- Has to be a Non-coplaner System  
- With a Beginning and End  
- Should mimic external environment without any  actual physical threat  
- Pyramid as building block with vital information  at its Tip and Archive at its base  
- Archive plane further arranged in segments of  24 or 54  
- Information tissue cubes made of 6 Pyramids  joined at Tip  
- Volume of Tissue cube arranged in 3d Grid  
- Vital information distributed in space  
- An auto learning system  
- Data mining with sixth sense filtering  
- With Functionally adapted parts  - Varying activity intensity  
- Available on Demand  - Customisable to Client's need without  intervention  
- Waste generation (junk) to maintain the  envisaged size of system  
- Idle period to revive and conserve energy  
- Alerts and Filters are key to system's tangible  success
- A mirror backup data-set-" Advantage over living  system"

Future of Data mining and Data analysis is here!

Author Brief: Anoop Jha is an Urban and regional Planner with a keen interest in exploring possible role of new Data and Technology in city, social, and economic planning and having vision to take planning to whole new level through integration of Policy, innovation and ever-growing knowledge base of world.

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