Nov 17, 2011

Perception of space – a function (f) of season

Seasonal variance in Perception of space

Technically there is unlimited space around us. Space in terms of perception is the space surrounding us in our field of view, what we are concerned here is the finite perceivable space by people which might vary as per surrounding built mass, undulating terrain, presence and intensity of light, environmental conditions, seasonal variation, etc. 

when it comes to seasonal variation it can be divided into primarily two parts winter and seasons other than winter. Winter provides a unique opportunity to experience a different kind of environment in terms of perceiving space around us which is because of presence of Fog and Mist, it is an exhilarating experience to walk in fog, or observing surrounding from window in winter during fog, it is so mysterious in its own sense, since the field of view is limited due to thick fog there is an element of surprise, you are curious to know and see what is beyond the visibility of fog, the same landscape that is dry and monotonous in summer is so attractive, versatile, ever-changing and inspirational  that you want to capture the that moment and view frame into your memory. This is all because winter provides perception of finite space, a limited field of view. 
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