Nov 11, 2011

Different Hats that Planners Wear

list of diverse roles and responsibilities of a Planner

 Acquisitions and Development
 Associate Airport Facilities Planning Consultant
 Airport Planner
 Architect Planner
 Assistant Appraisal Officer
 Assistant Manager
 Assistant Planner
 Assistant Planning Officer
 Assistant Professor
 Assistant Town Planner
 Assistant Vice President
 Associate Director
 Associate Manager
 Associate Planner
 Commercial Manager
 Community Energy Program Manager
 Community Relations Specialist
 Community Tourism Planner
 Consultant in urban and facilities planning
 Consultant Government Advisory Services
 Cost Estimator
 Country General Manager
 Creative Community Planner
 Damage Assessor
 Deputy General Manager (DGM) Planning
 Deputy Planner
 Deputy Project Director
 Deputy Town Planner
 Development Manager
 Director of Planning
 Disaster Preparedness Specialist
 Economic Development and Planning Consultant
 Economist Planner
 EIA Specialist
 Energy Analyst
 Engineer Planner
 Environment Planner
 Environment Specialist
 Executive Coordinator
 Executive Research Officer
 Executive Search Consultant
 Expert in Urban Management and Development
 Financial Planner Freelancer
 GIS Analyst
 GIS and Spatial Analysis
 GIS Consultant
 Green Technologist
 Head - Property Services
 Independent Planning Professional
 Infrastructure Planner
 Intergovernmental Planner
 Intern Planning
 Jr. Planner
 Land Use and Environmental Planner
 Lead blogger
 Lead Innovation Specialist
 Local Economic Development Planner
 Manager Urban Planning
 Managing Director
 Managing Partner
 Master Planner
 Operations Manager
 Planning Advisor
 Planning Assistant
 Planning Consultant
 Policy advisor
 Policy Analyst 
 Policy and Planning Manager
 Principal Consultant
 Principal Planner
 Program Manager
 Project Associate
 Project Coordinator
 Project Manager
 Project Planner
 Public Policy
 Real Estate Development Professional
 Regional Planner
 Regional Programme Specialist
 Research Associate
 Research Officer
 Senior Advisor
 Senior Associate 
 Senior Executive
 Senior Industrial Area Planner
 Senior Investment Professional
 Senior Officer
 Senior Policy Adviser
 Senior Regional Planner
 Senior Research Fellow
 Senior Urban Planner
 Spatial Planning Manager
 Strategy Executive and Growth Consultant 
 Studio Head
 Sustainable Development
 Executive Systems Analyst
 Team Lead
 Town Planner
 Trade Advisor
 Transport Economist
 Transport Planner
 Transportation Analyst
 Transportation Funding Expert
 Transportation Planner
 Tunnel Designer
 Urban and Regional Planner
 Urban Planner
 Urban Planning Researcher
 Urban Reforms Specialist
 Urban Researcher
 Vice President
 Visiting Faculty
 Waste Advisor
 Watershed Planner

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