Apr 7, 2013

Do you consider marketability of your design based on color demand?

Something they didn't tell you in Design school!

Something like this.....
  • If they are looking for "Red" Give them "Red"! Even if you personally like purple or yellow.  
  • Red color product will have way higher mass demand than Purple one, no matter what the product is or how well the product has been designed. 
  • The only place were you can sell purple color product is in the niche market, while red and blue captures both niche and mass market.
  • The only way you can make profit selling purple color product is by targeting high end segment with higher margin. 
  • Its okay to be emotional about your product and defensive about your design, but you need to listen to market aspirations first and modify your  design as per demand, even if that requires keeping your ego aside. 
  • If you haven't shipped it, it really doesn't matter how cool your design values are.  

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