Dec 21, 2011

Growth dynamics of Urban Rural Fringe: Role of Cities as Facilitator

By – Anoop Jha

Knowledge, technology transfer and capacity building

Planning Strategies for controlled growth of a City
Urban Rural interface at fringe
Any city small or large seems to affect the dynamics of neighboring region through its constant growth externalities and internal dynamics, larger the city more visible the effects. These effects can be positive in terms of growing economic activities, enhanced affordability and quality of life, access to health infrastructure; enhanced social infrastructure etc. at the same time the effect of urban development can also have downbeat effect on communities of urban rural fringe in terms of deteriorated environmental conditions, shifting livelihood option from agriculture to business, imposed urban lifestyle and pace of living on rural fringe communities who are tuned for some other kind of lifestyle and pace since centuries.

City has moral and technical responsibility to facilitate inevitable growth of urban rural fringe in a controlled manner. It’s not only necessary for city’s own growth but also significant because cities have capability, finance, resources, knowledge, technology, technical skills, authority and experience to deal with such issues. Its city’s part responsibility to help built and nurture communities at the edge of cities through its wisdom, knowledge and technology transfer and capacity building and they should be encouraged to do that.

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