Dec 9, 2011

Geofencing : Emerging Management Trends in Urban and Regional planning

By- Anoop Jha

Exploring Virtual Technology for Physical Planning

Geofencing is a fascinating technology which virtually defines the domain of real world. They do not have to build a fortress to keep the physical domain of any scale and type safe like the old world, now it can be done with a virtual protective blanket. Domain can be anything from a home or yard or shop to an agricultural field, to a region.

Geofencing are satellite Global positioning system (GPS) based technology concept which demarcates the boundary of a given area and monitors any to and fro movement from and within this delineated boundary. Geofencing tracks dynamism within the static boundary and give alert to concerned authorities and individuals regarding any suspicious or unusual activity through different modes like alarm, sms etc. Geofencing can prove to be a very useful tool for security management, fleet tracking, dockyard operation, individual business owners, farmers, Construction sites, etc. and likely to be a regular feature of projects and properties in near future. 

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